Passarelli studio is named after its founder and has always carried an italian influencies, due to the architect’s origins and, at the same time, strong american caracteristics, country where the first projects took place.


Convicted and passionated for brasil, marcelo passarelli found in the country a big opportunity to show and practice its work, experience and references obteined internationally in order to start bringing its works to são paulo.


Since then, to focus on the rest of the world was no difficulty for passarelli who signs big metropolie’s projects as new york, miami, são paulo and also, to privates places. versatil, the studio persuit the excelence on client’s services and constant goal of accomplishing each and every desire and dream of every new project.


The headquarter is based on são paulo, strategic placed at itaim bibi, one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.


It is a multidiciplinar studio which operates in various areas as civil, commercial and residential, offering complete arquitecture projetcs, interior design and urbanism. due to the unique goal of accomplising the clients desires and dreams, through a highly qualificated team of architects and designers, the studio develops works from mobiliary projects to big and complex projects.

R. Fiandeiras, 306 - 5º Andar - Itaim Bibi/ São Paulo/ SP

Tel. +55 11 3044.3931